Star Trek

Updated Instruction Sheets for TenaControls Star Trek Lighting Kits

Updated Reliant 1/1000 scale Combo-RR

Updated Star Trek JJ Enterprise Photon and Phaser Board

Updated KTNGA-BB Wiring Instructions

Updated KTNGA-CC Wiring Instructions

Updated KTNGA-DD Wiring Instructions

Updated TOS 1:350 LED Fan Blade Effects

Deep Space 9 Instruction Manual

Defiant Combo Board Wiring Instructions

K’tinga A Wiring Instructions

1701-A 1K Wiring Diagram

1701-A B T-1701-R Wiring Diagram

1701-A Updated Combo D Ver. D Wiring Diagram

1701-A Updated Combo-NCL Wiring Diagram

1701-A Updated Deflecor Dish with Bipolar Wiring Diagram

1701-A Updated Photon, Phaser, Nav, Strobe Wiring

1701-A Photon and Phaser Wiring Instructions

1701-A Sequential Landing Bay Wiring Diagram

1701-A Shields Up Wiring Diagram

1701-D 1001-DD Nav Wiring

1701-D PSHRPHTN-D Instructions

1701-D RMTBD-D-A Wiring Diagram

1701 1001-EE Navigation Wiring Instructions

1701 Update Instructions for PHSRPHTN-E

RMTBD-E-A Wiring Diagram

Reliant New Nav-Stro Wiring

Reliant Large Bd Torp Phas Nav Strb Instructions

NX-01 Updated Torpedo and Phase Cannon Instructions

NX-01 RMTBD Wiring Diagram

Updated TOS Photon and Phaser Wiring

Updated TOS 1:1000 Complete Instructions

50th Anniversary Motorized TOS 1:350 Instructions

Revell TOS Rotating Nacelles Wiring Diagram

USS Franklin Wiring Diagram

Updated V3.2 Final Mega-1701-R Wiring Diagram for 1701 Refit

Updated TOS TOSNC-18-RGB Wiring Diagram

Updated Thrusters Wiring Diagram for 1701

Star Trek Voyager Wiring Instructions

Nav Strobe Wiring for 1001-BB

Nav Wiring for Enterprise 1001-EE

Nav Wiring for Enterprise 1001-DD

Updating Wiring Diagram for 1:1000 Scale NX-01

Updated Final Landing Bay Wiring Instructions for 1701-A