TenaControls, LLC

Massachusetts USA

Specializing in custom design of LED Chasers or LED Sequencers as well as other timing and lighting boards

Mission statement: Provide commercial grade electronic products at a fair and reasonable price for the Hobbyists and electronic enthusiasts.

Our Pledge: All our products are designed and manufactured by TenaControls exclusively! How can other companies maintain reliability, inventory and control when someone else is in the middle designing or manufacturing products that has no ownership stake in the company you are purchasing from?

Warranty: You can be assured that what you have ordered and received is designed and manufactured to work for a very long time. Again, because TenaControls oversees every step from start to finish, you receive unrivaled warranty. A five year warranty comes with all our products. Can other companies do that for you?

Biography: TenaControls is run by Ralph Tenaglia. Mr. Tenaglia has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from Northeastern University as well as 39 years of design and manufacturing experience in the electronic sector.

Custom Design: TenaControls will be more than happy to quote a specific application that you have in mind. Just send us your requirements and specifications by using the contact form located here.

COPYRIGHT and LEGAL NOTICE: Our website is not intended to infringe on the intellectual properties of any copyright holders. If there is a question please email sales@tenacontrols.com with your concerns so that they be addressed. Thank you.