Bluetooth Ltg. Kit

Star Trek Enterprise 1701 Bluetooth  Board to control every lighting segment on the Refit with your Android Phone or IOS Apple phone orTablet. The Ultimate in Remote Control. The Ios app can be downloaded from the apple store.
The BT-1701-RR is now available to light up the entire Refit in a way you personally see fit. In the below Second Demo Video you will see a customer build video using the BlueTooth system.


Welcome to the future. This board will allow you to control all the features this board has to offer from your Android devices or IOS devices with the installation of the Bluetooth App.

All the connections to this boards are made to the Micro JST Connectors, there will be no soldering on the control board at all.  This is why we say this is the complete board. The board is designed to provide all Navigation Lighting, all Strobe Lighting, Navigational Deflector Dish, Side Deflector Dish Lights, Impulse Crystal, Impulse Engine, Landing Bay Sequential Landing Lights, Raytheon Lights, Bridge Light, Lower Dome Lights, RCS Thrusters Lights, Saucer Window Lights, Neck Interior and Exterior Lights, Secondary Hull Interior Lighting, Pylon Lights, Landing Bay Interior Lights and the Nacelle Chiller Grills.

This board also has a built in stereo sound card to play the audio clips of the Torpedo’s firing, the Phaser firing as well as those well known audio clips and music. The sound board has an audio jack output for connecting to your home stereo sound system. This will give you Theater Quality Audio experience from the on board audio stored on the SD Card. There is also a provision to connect up your own speaker of choice that can handle 3 to 5 watts.

As mentioned before, this is a complete system all on One Board.

TenaControls has designed this board to endure the test of time. Starting with dual regulation sections, electrical noise suppression and transistors rated for 10 Amperes.  That is why we can offer a 50 Year Warranty, basically a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.  There are just too many components you will receive to list below, be assured you will receive all the LED’s, LED Strip Tape, Momentary Switch, Resistors, wiring, and shrink tubing.

This board will  work on 9 to 12 volt DC supply with 2 Ampere rating.

Made in the USA

Item# BT-1701-RR  (model kit not included)

You can order this in one of two ways. If you just want the control board along with the five connectors, choose the Board Only option and then use the Buy Now button. Or if you prefer the complete kit for genuine components, choose the complete lighting system option and then use the Buy now button.

The control board which comes with the five micro JST connectors or the full lighting kit with all the accessories needed, less the speaker.

Control Board Only
$163.50 + Shipping & Handling
Complete Lighting System
$327.00 + Shipping & Handling

Star Trek Enterprise 1701 Bluetooth  Board to control every lighting segment on the Refit with your Android Phone or Tablet. The Ultimate in Remote Control.