How did you get into selling LED Lighting For Models Like The Star Trek Enterprise?

Actually a technician that works for me that builds LED Lighting was complaining that he could not get the lighting controls for the model he was building due to availability. He has been building models ever since he was a kid and said a lot of people run into the same problems. He kept telling me for a whole year that I should design controls for models such as the Star Trek Enterprise Ship and sell these light boards for other models like it. Finally I said ok.

My first design was for the sequential led lighting chaser simulating the fusion core engine for the Lost in Space Jupiter 2. Then from there I went to the Star Trek Enterprise refit 1/350 scale. TenaControls now has all the led lighting controls that a model builder would want to bring the Enterprise to life. For example, the all in one Navigation/Strobe Board, Photon Torpedo board which has a built in audio sound of the firing, Deflector Dish board, Shuttle Bay Landing Lights board, and last but not least the most technically complex board of them all, the Shields up/down board that simulates the force field shield going up around the refit with all the LED Lighting.

What drives you to sell products like LED Lighting for models like the Star Trek Enterprise?

I was a huge Trekker and loved the Star Trek Enterprise. In addition I was intrigued with electronics and LED Lighting, leading me to study engineering. I received a bachelor degree in engineering and went to work for a process control company designing controls for temperature and humidity. If I can build my own electronic device to do what I need it to do, then I will do that instead of buying it. Point in case, I purchased a motorcycle in 2007 and since I ride at night, the only light back there is the red driving/brake light. The rear amber directional only blink on/ off when you taking a turn, so I decided to turn these rear directional lights into full on LED lighting and only blink off when taking a turn, this solved the problem of visibility. This was done by designing a board that turned the left and right directionals into full on condition and blink off when put into directional mode.

I guess I just love to solve problems relating to led lighting, what ever that may be. TenaControls allows me to do just that for the people in the hobby markets. They need lighting control boards and we are there to provide it for them at a reasonable price and stand behind the product with a five year warranty. There are not too many companies out there that will do that. We design and manufacture all these controls right here in the USA, supporting the local distributors and labor force, unlike imported controls.

What are other products are you looking into besides products like LED Lighting and Models like Star Trek Enterprise?

Besides LED Lighting, we make Rail Road Crossing Gate led control boards, Audio sound board for the Rail Road Crossing Lights and coming soon Infra red led train detection boards to turn on the crossing lights or anything that the customer wants to control. Besides the Star Trek Enterprise industry, the model rail road industry is vast; we are slowly working our way into that market to complement the plastic model market presently serving like the Star Trek Enterprise Model.

What do you want customers to know especially about LED Lighting?

TenaControls is here for you, let us know what you need or want, most of the time we have something that will do the trick. We strive at all time to design and manufacture the best possible product, so customers get many years of fun and enjoyment from their purchase. For the best LED lighting for models such as the Star Trek Enterprise just fill out the above contact information form.